Books to Read After Watching: Shogun

Have you been enjoying FX’s mini-series release Shogun? Well, if you can’t get enough after that season finale, you can further your knowledge and understanding of Edo Period Japan and Tokugawa’s reign (or Toranaga as he’s known in the show) by indulging in some of these fantastic military history reads, available through Casemate!

The Shogun’s Soldiers

Volume 1 – The Daily Life of Samurai and Soldiers in Edo Period Japan, 1603-1721
by Michael Fredholm von Essen

The focus of the present book is a military and social history of how the formerly so powerful Tokugawa clan army rapidly lost its combat preparedness, and how this persuaded the Tokugawa shogunate to initiate a policy of enforced seclusion.

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shogun Edo period Japan

The Shogun’s Soldiers

Volume 2 – The Daily Life of Samurai and Soldiers in Edo Period Japan, 1603–1721
by Michael Fredholm von Essen

A follow-up volume that details the organization, arms, armor, dress, and daily life of samurai, soldiers, and commoners in Edo Period Japan.


Samurai Warlords 1487-1590
by Stephen Turnbull

A completely new and original take on 16th century samurai history and Japan’s military revolution.

shogun samurai history
shogun wargaming model japan


Miniatures Rules for Small-Unit Warfare in Japan, 1543 to 1615 AD
by Pauli Kidd

This is a colorful period for wargamers to paint and to model. The rules are intended for use with 28mm figures but can easily be played with smaller scale.

The Battle of Sekigahara

The Greatest, Bloodiest, Most Decisive Samurai Battle Ever
by Chris Glenn

In his exploration of the battle, Chris Glenn reveals the developments that led up to the outbreak of war, the characters involved, how the battle itself unfolded, and the aftermath.

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