Casemate 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair Rights Catalog

A Pair of Aces and a Trey

1st Lieutenants William P. Erwin, Arthur E. Easterbrook, and Byrne V. Baucom: America's Top Scoring World War I Observation Pilot and Observers

Ace in a Day

The Memoir of an Eighth Air Force Fighter Pilot in World War II

Argentine Perspectives on the Falklands War

The Recovery and Loss of Las Malvinas

Battle Scars

Twenty Years Later: 3d Battalion 5th Marines Looks Back at the Iraq War and How it Changed Their Lives

Before Augustus

The Collapse of the Roman Republic

Bernhard Sindberg

The Schindler of Nanjing

Black Hearts and Painted Guns

A Battalion's Journey into Iraq's Triangle of Death

Blind Obedience and Denial

The Nuremberg Defendants

Bloody Verrières: The I. SS-Panzerkorps Defence of the Verrières-Bourguebus Ridges

Volume II: The Defeat of Operation Spring and the Battles of Tilly-la-Campagne, 23 July–5 August 1944

Bomb Group

The Eighth Air Force's 381st and The Allied Air Offensive Over Europe

Broken Pots, Mending Lives

The Archaeology of Operation Nightingale

Burning Horizon

British Veteran Accounts of the Iraq War, 2003

Clearing the Way

U.S. Army Engineers in World War II

Corporal Cannon

A Female Marine in Afghanistan

Custer in Kansas

The U.S. 7th Cavalry and its Commander in the American West, 1866–1869

Damn the Valley

1st Platoon, Bravo Company, 2/508 PIR, 82nd Airborne in the Arghandab River Valley Afghanistan

Darkest Christmas

December 1942 and a World at War

Derricks' Bridgehead

The History of the 92nd Division, 597th Field Artillery Battalion, and the Leadership Legacy of Col. Wendell T. Derricks

The Ageless Call to Serve

Rethinking Military Service for a Changing World

Eyes on the Enemy

U.S. Military Intelligence in World War II

Fighting from the Heavens

Tactics and Training of USAAF Bomber Crews, 1941–45

First Fights in Fallujah

Marines During Operation Vigilant Resolve, in Iraq, April 2004

For the Boys

The War Story of a Combat Nurse in Patton’s Third Army

Forgotten War

The British Empire and Commonwealth’s Epic Struggle Against Imperial Japan, 1941–1945

Franco's Pirates

Naval Aspects of the Spanish Civil War 1936–39

Frogman Stories

Life and Leadership Lessons from the SEAL Teams

Fury and Ice

Greenland, the United States and Germany in World War II

Gavin at War

The World War II Diary of Lieutenant General James M. Gavin

Generals and Admirals of the Third Reich

For Country or Fuehrer: Volume 1: A–G

Home Run

Allied Escape and Evasion in World War II

Hood's Defeat Near Fox's Gap

Prelude to Emancipation

Immigrant Warrior

A Challenging Life in War and Peace

In Strange Company

An American Soldier with Multinational Forces in the Middle East and Iraq

Keeping the Peace

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 During the Cold War 1946–1991

Lieutenant General Edward A. Craig

Warrior Six: Combat Leader in World War II and Korea

Life and Death at Abbey Gate

The Fall of Afghanistan and the Operation to Save our Allies

Loyalty First

The Life and Times of Charles A. Willoughby, MacArthur's Chief Intelligence Officer

Midway Submerged

American and Japanese Submarine Operations at the Battle of Midway, May–June 1942

Mission Iran

Special Forces Berlin & Operation Eagle Claw, JTF 1-79

Never a Dull Moment

The 80th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion in World War II

Next War

Reimagining How We Fight


The Wright Project and the 868th Bomb Squadron in World War II

No Greater Love

The Story of Michael Crescenz, Philadelphia’s Only Medal of Honor Recipient of the Vietnam War

Operation Rype

A WWII OSS Railway Sabotage Mission in Norway

Power Up

Leadership, Character, and Conflict Beyond the Superhero Multiverse

Rangers, Scouts, and Raiders

Origin, Organization, and Operations of Selected Special Operations Forces

Sharpen Your Bayonets

A Biography of Lieutenant General John Wilson “Iron Mike” O’Daniel, Commander, 3rd Infantry Division in World War II

SOG Kontum

Top Secret Missions in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, 1968–1969

Standing Tall

Leadership Lessons in the Life of a Soldier

Strong in Will

Working for the American Embassy in Paris During the Nazi Occupation

Takka Takka Bom Bom

An Intrepid War Correspondent's 50 Year Odyssey

Tenth Army Commander

The World War II Diary of Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr.

The Black Cats of Osan

U-2 Spy Plane Escapades and Calamities in Korea

The Black Scorpions

Serving with the 64th Fighter Squadron in World War II

The Defeat and Attrition of the 12. SS-Panzerdivision 'Hitlerjugend'

Volume I: The Normandy Bridgehead Battles 7–11 June 1944

The Defeat of the Damned

The Destruction of the Dirlewanger Brigade at the Battle of Ipolysag, December 1944

The Eagles of Bastogne

The Untold Story of the Heroic Defense of a City Under Siege

The Flying Grunt

The Story of Lieutenant General Richard E. Carey, United States Marine Corps (Ret)

The High Ground

Leading in Peace and War

The Human Face of D-Day

Walking the Battlefields of Normandy: Essays, Reflections, and Conversations with Veterans of the Longest Day

The One Ship Fleet

USS Boise—WWII Naval Legend, 1938–45

The Origins of Surface-to-Air Guided Missile Technology

German Flak Rockets and the Onset of the Cold War

The Venlo Sting

MI6's Deadly Fiasco

The Viking Battalion

Norwegian American Ski Troopers in World War II

Through Blood and Brotherhood

Comrades and Enemies in WWII Yugoslavia

Turning Points

The Role of the State Department in Vietnam (1945–1975)


Tank Commander Cadet in the Yom Kippur War

Vandal Heaven

Reinterpreting Post-Roman North Africa

Vietnam Combat

Firefights and Writing History

War Along the Wabash

The Ohio Indian Confederacy's Destruction of the US Army, 1791

Winning French Minds

Radio Propaganda in Occupied France, 1940–42

Witness to Neptune's Inferno

The Pacific War Diary of Lieutenant Commander Lloyd M. Mustin, USS Atlanta (CL 51)

Casemate Illustrated

The Soviet Baltic Offensive, 1944–45

German Defense of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

The Soviet Destruction of Army Group South

Ukraine and Southern Poland 1943-1945

12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend

Volume 1 - From Formation to the Battle of Caen

12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend

Volume 2 - From Operation Goodwood to April 1945

Such a Clash of Arms

The Maryland Campaign, September 1862

The Atlanta Campaign, 1864

Sherman's Campaign to the Outskirts of Atlanta

The Atlanta Campaign, 1864

Peach Tree Creek to the Fall of the City

The Vistula-Oder Offensive

The Soviet Destruction of German Army Group A, 1945

The Shiloh Campaign, 1862

Battle for the Heartland

The Vicksburg Campaign, 1863

Grant’s Failed Offensives

The East Pomeranian Offensive, 1945

Destruction of German forces in Pomerania and West Prussia

Casemate Illustrated Special

Die Wehrmacht im Kampf

Anzio Nettuno

A Battle of Leadership Mistakes

Retreat through the Rhone Valley

Defensive battles of the Nineteenth Army, August–September 1944

Rome to the Po River

The 362nd Infantry Division, 1944–45

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